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Sebastian Hedgecoe is an artist who's work is currently in private collections in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Australia. He works primarily in Stills Photography and in the Moving Image but also in the mediums of Interactive Multi Media, Installation Art and Printmaking.

Throughout his career he has worked with similar subject matter always in an ongoing series of images. People and portraiture, their environments, landscapes which are dramatic or quite serene, pastoral, urban or the industrial have all become his most common themes. In his work he seeks to arrest the viewer to question and think again, to see something deeper and more resonant in what they are now looking at. In a participatory way he commands the viewer to see now what surrounds them in a more meaningful way, to enrich their own life through responding to an artist´s image or series of images.

Sebastian is a Film and TV graduate of the Royal College of Art Film School, London, MA 1987 and in Graphic Design at Hornsey Art School, London, BA 1984. He also studied at the BBC National Broadcasting School in London, 1984.

The eldest son of two highly renowned and prolific Photographers, the late Professor John Hedgecoe and Julia Hedgecoe, Sebastian grew up surrounded by many of the most highly influential Fine Artists from the UK and elsewhere, notably the Sculptor Henry Moore who was a close family friend. Over 700 photographic portraits taken by John Hedgecoe of Writers and Artists of all mediums are held at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts in Norwich, many of these Artists were also friends of the Hedgecoe family.

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Sebastian Hedgecoe in Bagan, Myanmar 2012.

An exhibition of Sebastian's works can be seen currently at the Galeria de Sol in Genalguacil.

Signed Limited Edition Prints can be purchased at anytime by contacting the Galeria de Sol.

Sebastian undertakes commercial assignments and private commissions in Photography and Multi Media work through ESTUDIO 61 where he often

collaborates with other Artists and Performers.

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